We want you to have to best experience posible when visiting Nashville. That's why we offer fun things to do in Nashville. That includes the likes of fun water sports in Nashville. Some of those fun activities can be parasailing in Nashville, waterskiing in Nashville, Wakeboarding in Nashville and much more. But just as importantly as the fun had before the cook is the BBQ cook out that we offer after the fun. This is truly the best BBQ Nashville has to offer and we do it in a fun luoa (Hawaiin style pork) sytle. We opperate as a the best sports bar in Nashville as well and love hosting outdoor watch parties to watch who ever you want to watch that day. We love helping fans cope with their loses with alcohol and are versed in the various types of unique drinks to Nashville. We hope you book your party soon with Dish Dish Goose and their award winning party venture in Nashville.

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